A little bit more of Greece

Vouryia is a boutique travel agency based in Athens and officially licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organisation.

Athens is an inexhaustible resource of heritage and culture, so rich in history, sights, and tradition, as to be overwhelming. But there is so much to explore beyond Athens. This is why Vouryia has chosen the region of East Attica as a field of exploration. Their aim is to provide bespoke culinary experiences based on authenticity and  locality.

Vouryia motto is “a little bit more of Greece” or #LigoAkomaEllada in greek. One day before you leave for your weekly sailing charter with our catamaran “Medusa I” or after returning back, do spend a few hours, a day, or more and Vouryia will create a private and tailor-made experience in East Attica exactly the way you dreamed it.

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