Bali 4.1Old

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Bali 4.1 specifications


Conception by  Olivier PONCIN & Yann CHABAUD,  Naval Architect Xavier FAY,  Interior design by Lasta Design Studio


Overall length | 12,12 m / 39.76 ft
Beam | 6,72 m / 22.05 ft
Waterline length | 11,88 m / 39 ft
Draft | 1,12 m / 3.8 ft
Light displacement | 8.9 t approx.
Maximum displacement | 11,8 t
Standard mainsail area | 48 m² / 516 sq ft
Standard self-tacking solent | 33 m² / 345 sq ft
Fresh water | 800 l / 211 USGal
Fuel | 400 l / 105 USGal
Refrigerator | 272 l / 9.6 cu ft
Engines | 2 x 40 hp
CE CAT | A-10 persons/B-12 persons/C-24 persons/D-28 persons
Base | Lavrion – Olympic marine


See full specifications here.

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In our catamaran you will enjoy a spacious cruise with all the comforts you need. Indoor areas provide airconditioning for heating and cooling, hot water, electricity and necessary equipment for an effortless stay.

  • 6 cabins | 4 + 2 (forepeaks)
  • 12 Berths | 8 + 2 (forepeaks) + 2 (convertible saloon table)
  • 4 WC
  • Dining area
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Deck sitting area
  • Outside shower
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BALI4.1 Coursive 3,
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With Medusa Yachting you are traveling in luxury.

We will provide for you all the necessary amenities:

Towels, linen, self care products, first aid kit, and life jackets.


Upon request | Prior to your departure you can send us a list of items that you wish to have on board. Our crew will take care of everything necessary for your travel. There is an additional fee for the service.

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Make it fa-sea-nating!

There are no sea activities out of the menu!

With Medusa Yachting you can start simple – from snorkeling to enjoy the beauty of the underwater, and go on to explore the deep blue with scuba diving. Master the waves with surfing or bring your food to the table with fishing.

For special activity requests just ask us.

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See, Listen & Connect

Medusa feels like home!


During your travel with us enjoy your own music by connecting to the bluetooth speaker system onboard.

Watch your favorite channels in our TVs with satelite connection.

Stay connected 24/7 with onboard Wi-Fi service.

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